Ever since I was a little girl, belting out Madonna's "Immaculate Collection" for the whole neighbourhood to enjoy in the middle of the night, I have loved music and wanted to always be involved in it.  My first recording was in my basement with my brother and our neighbour, doing our favourite- "One Tin Soldier" and my favourite, "Oh Atlanta" by Alison Krauss and Union Station.  Myself and 4 friends created an original band in grade 6 and performed valiantly at recess.  I went on to study musical theatre performance, classical voice, classical and pop piano, ukelele, guitar, and music pedagogy.  My dream came true ... my whole life involves music!

I believe that music is something that we should all participate in- after all, as humans, we sang before we even developed a spoken language! Music is an incredibly important part of culture, and should be something we can all integrate into our lives.  There is nothing better than performing with an audience, or helping to instruct a student on their journey to better participate in and appreciate music

My Story



"...Caitlin Holland (the Young and Talented One) is young and has a truly sublime voice."

-Bruce Campbell- the Indie Critic

The Fairest and Best reviews http://www.thefairestandbest.com/press-reviews 

"You sound like a mermaid."

-Audience member at the Ghostface Killah show with ONEOAK 

"You rock, Caitlin!"

-My mom

More to come!

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